Curriculum Vitae

I have a keen interest in all things technical, and have always had a desire to find out “how things work”. I enjoy working within a team of motivated people, exchanging ideas and developing innovative solutions to difficult problems. My career goals are aimed towards research in the field of optimising the efficiency of electricity distribution, and communicating usage information with consumers who are not familiar with electrical concepts.

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  • Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with First Class Honours (BCMS(Hons)), majoring in Computer Science and Electronics with a specialisation in Software Development. The University of Waikato, 2006 – 2009.
  • National Certificate of Educational Achievement Levels 1 and 2.

Key Skills

Software Development

  • 4 years experience programming in C and C# (2 years commercially)
  • Familiar with object-oriented design and data structures
  • Working knowledge of Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL
  • Experienced with software testing, including test-driven development, unit testing and model-based testing
  • Knowledge of software engineering processes
  • Commercial experience working on team projects, using tools such as SVN

Hardware Design

  • 4 years experience designing systems utilising a range of Microchip’s PIC family of microcontrollers
  • Experienced with a variety of hardware modules, sensors and actuators
  • Familiar with CPU architecture, in particular the MIPS processor
  • Experience with the VHDL hardware description language

General Computer Science Concepts

  • Familiar with a range of communication protocols, including major protocols within the TCP/IP suite, low level protocols such as I2C and SPI and have designed protocols for use with a low bandwidth, multiple-access sensor network
  • Familiar with various aspects of operating system design, including practical experience with MINIX, and embedded operating system concepts for resource-constrained devices
  • Knowledge and experience with various algorithms


  • Experienced with Windows and Linux
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with development environments including Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse and Microchip MPLAB

Employment Summary

University of Waikato (February 2010 – ongoing)

I am currently working part-time for the University of Waikato as a Doctoral Assistant in the Department of Computer Science. This role involves tutoring, running labs and marking assignments and tests.

Courses I have been involved with:

Rennacs Ltd (May 2007 – March 2009)

Rennacs develops automotive diagnostic equipment for the worldwide market. I worked here as a research developer in a small team. I have worked with vehicle communications protocols, developed an experimental system for diagnosing common problems using fluctuating voltages that appear across a vehicle’s battery terminals, and have been involved in numerous in-house projects from databases to hardware design and testing.

University of Waikato (February 2007 – June 2007)

In 2007, I worked as a demonstrator for COMP123, COMP223 and COMP278, for the duration of semester A. This role included providing lab assistance to students and marking exercises.

Bunnings Warehouse (November 2004 – June 2007)

In November 2004, I began working as a checkout operator at Bunnings Warehouse. Six months later, I was promoted to a sales position in the electrical department, where I remained until early June 2007.


See my profile on Google Scholar.

Achievements and Awards

The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand


  • Best Honours Project: Conference Award
  • John Turner Prize For Best Overall 420 Project
  • Ramanujan Centenary Prize For Best Overall Performance in BCMS Degree
  • University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship


  • University of Waikato Summer Research Scholarship
  • Team placed 3rd in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, New Zealand Finals
  • University of Waikato SCMS Study Award


  • University of Waikato Computer Science Entrance Scholarship
  • Bonded Merit Scholarship
  • Membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society

Hamilton’s Fraser High School, Hamilton, New Zealand


  • Morrison Cup for Academic Excellence in Year 12 (Top Year 12 Student)
  • 1st in NCEA Level 3 Computer Science
  • 1st in NCEA Level 2/3 Electronics
  • 1st in NCEA Level 2 Accounting
  • 1st in NCEA Level 2 Mathematics
  • 1st in NCEA Level 2 Physics


  • Certificate of Merit in NCEA Level 1 Mathematics
  • Certificate of Excellence in NCEA Level 1 Economics


Referees available on request

Academic Results

The University of Waikato, New Zealand

ENEL321 Application Specific Integrated Circuits A+
ENEL417 Mechatronics A
COMP501 Topics in Operating Systems A+
COMP514 Advanced Communications A+
COMP520 Report of an Investigation (Honours Project) A+
COMP551 Model-Based Testing A+
COMP562 Grace Hopper Topics in Computer Science (Information Visualisation) A+
COMP311 Computer Systems Architecture A+
COMP312 Communications and Systems Software A+
COMP314 Software Engineering Project A+
COMP316 Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Applications A+
COMP317 Design and Analysis of Algorithms A
ENEL317 Microprocessor Applications and Control A+
COMP233 Internet Applications A+
COMP235 Logic and Computation A+
COMP241 Software Engineering Development A
COMP242 Software Engineering Process A+
ENEL205 Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis A
ENEL211 Digital Electronics A+
MATH251 Multivariable Calculus B-
COMP301 Operating Systems A+
COMP103 Introduction to Computer Science 1 A+
COMP134 Software Engineering 1 A+
ENEL111 Introduction to Electronics A
MATH101 Introduction to Calculus A+
MATH102 Introduction to Algebra A-
PHIL103 Critical Reasoning A
STAT121 Introduction to Statistical Methods A+
COMP201 Computer Systems A+